We are approaching a new era in woman fashion. After years of female market research, fashion designers have uncovered a great line of products which gives an opportunity for every woman to approach an ideal female body shape. This original product gives you confidence and a stronger attitude and it is available for you now.

The developed designs of these jeans apply a special cut in the fabric that improves the structure of the pants and enhances your natural curves and also giving to your buttocks an instant lift. It also makes you look slimmer due to the tight fit of these jeans; you will look spectacular with these wonderful jeans. Despite the body shaping features the biggest advantage of this wonderful product is that it is very comfortable.

Eva Angelina knows that finding a good pair of jeans is not easy task. We are happy to offer a variety of styles which will help you to enhance your natural body shape. The specific cuts and fabric types used to produce these great shaping jeans strictly focus on a comfortable fit and healthy wear. The jeans models are designed to answer all consumer needs. Designers achieve this phenomenon by applying research of qualities of women body shapes. They place their goals on highest comfort and follow the sexy body lines to raise the buttocks and make every woman look gorgeous!!!

Heart:These jeans beautify the female body. This cut will tide your waist and make you look sexier.Their exclusive cut makes your buttocks look gorgeous.

Silhouette: If you have an anatomical structure and need some jeans that make magic. With silhouettes you can have more than you can imagine.

Up’s: These Jeans are a must have for any woman who wants to make an impact on any occasion. They will make you look slender and you will have a divine figure and it also shapes your buttocks.

Anatomic Jeans: These jeans have an anatomical cut, which adjust the abdomen, buttocks and other areas and also provides comfort.